Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stand By Your Man. . . .

How loyal do you need to be to your spouse?

My hubby decided to tag along to my dentist appointment the other day. He had not been into the dentist for a routine check in ten years. I have been seeing this dentist for almost seven years. I love this dentist. My kids love this dentist. So I was very surprised to find that my husband basically called him a cheat. My hubby went in and came out with a long order of work that needed to be done including a root canal. He walked away extremely upset. I on the other hand was happy to see his mouth be in a healthier state and scheduled it all. My hubby decided otherwise. He went back to his old dentist, the one that caused the needed root canal, and asked for a second opinion. My hubby then called me immediately and bragged how his dentist didn't think he needed X amount of work, only a root canal. He then stopped into my work and told me I needed to stop seeing my dentist because he was a cheat. This upset me greatly, and I told him that. I love my dentist and have never complained about the work my kids or I have needed done. However, I've never questioned it either.

So I ask you, How loyal do you need to be to your spouse?

I feel a sense of loyalty to my dentist, only because it reflects my judgement. I also feel like I should take my  husband's side because, well, he is my husband and I will be with him forever and want to make sure something as little as what dentist we go to doesn't interfere with that. So, what do I do? Do I agree with my hubby and ditch the dentist? Or do I stand my ground and let him go where he feels comfortable, and stay where I feel comfortable? (I don't know if I even feel comfortable going anymore. My whole judgement about the dentist is altered.)
What's your advice?