Monday, September 27, 2010

As Sisters in Zion. . . .

I LOVE OUR PROPHET!! During the recent General Women's Conference, I hysterically laughed, wiped away empathic, heart touching tears, and walked away so spiritually uplifted I was practically exhausted by the time I arrived home. Our Prophet spoke of sweet and personal accounts that were laced with humor and love. His infectious smile and sarcastic spirit brought me sense of peace. Peace that I had been searching for in him. I am humbled by the magnitude of this man's love for the people of this world and the true reflection of our Savior in his spirit. I had not gained a full testimony of our current prophet until that moment. And now words cannot express the emotions running through my veins that I carry for this man. This man that proves to me how life is to be lived. I pray from this day forward that I may aspire to his example and lead my life in the service of others. And above all, have a sense of humor, everyone would be happy to partake in. He is truly a Prophet of God. And I am honored to partake in the opportunity to listen to his words.

For those who missed it, I urge you to watch it. You will not be sorry. If my link does not work, you can always search for it yourself at

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  1. I did miss it, but I am absolutely looking forward to watching/listening to it online. I LOVE conference time!!!!