Friday, September 17, 2010


Have you ever heard of the term, Drink and Dial? It's where someone drinks themselves into a stupor and decides to call up old flames or who have you and chat with them at early morning hours into thinking they are really grateful they exited your life when they did. Now I don't drink, but I do blog. And last night I did something I affectionately like to call, Boob and Blog. Yup, I was crying and I blogged about it. :'(

So my last entry has now been deleted. For those of you who took the time to read it, please don't judge a moment of weakness as true character. And for those who missed out on the spectacle, consider yourselves lucky!

So for now, the afterglow of a codependent evening has passed me by and the haze of my reality is clear as crystal.

Has anyone else ever had those moments where you are embarrassed by your recent behavior, but at the time felt it was your world? or am I the only one? I surely hope not. However the verdict is brought down, I'm afraid I'm doomed to repeat my humorous choices in life. And I say HUMOROUS boldly!! (Get it? It's in BOLD type. Ya, I'm here 'till Thursday.) I have to laugh at myself in life. I laugh at every part of my personality. My TMI family behavior instilled in me since birth. The ability I have to intimidate people into thinking I'm a cruel person without even knowing it. How I can't hold a straight face to save my life. And how my emotions run deep and strong, but break the surface easier than an overfilled water balloon. Any way you want to paint it, I still end up with egg on my face and a crowd of people laughing at me. I might as well join in on the fun.

So I ask you, have you laughed at yourself today?


  1. So I was one of the lucky ones who read the blog. I actually liked what does that say about me...You should see some of my old posts. hehehehehe!

  2. Thanks Liz, I just felt I was whining. I liked what I had to say too, but perhaps I'll write it in a more mature manner next time. :)