Friday, January 7, 2011

The Breath You Take. . . .

Have you ever had one of those epiphanal moments where you come across a logic that you've never discovered before? Well I had one of those today. (And I'm sure someone else has discovered this because nothing is original at all anymore.)

In my mind pondering drive today, I came across an idea that helped me feel good about this messed up world. Nothing in this world is perfect. NOTHING!! And for all you religious persons out there, bare with me, Not even religion. -Now hear me out. I am a faithful LDS member and still feel this way. Nothing in this world is perfect, not even religion because it will always touch something that is not.

In science there is this point of freezing, it is the coldest point of cold anything on this earth can get. And nothing on this earth can completely get there. (Now for all you science geeks out there, back me up. I know there's a better way of explaining it and that I did learn this concept in high school.) Picture a snowball. And it's in an environment where it rests upon the tip of a mile long pin in the air in the middle of a freezer that can in fact freeze this snow ball to that lowest point of all temperature, but it never gets there. Why? Well it's because it's touching that mile long pin that is attached to the floor a mile away that transfers enough heat to keep that snow ball from becoming that perfectly frozen ball of science. It is proven in a much more scientific way than I can explain that nothing on this earth can reach that frozen point. I feel the same way about life on this earth. That nothing will ever reach that perfect point on this earth. At least nothing tangible to us. Because even the gospel touches imperfect people.

Now this in no way wavers my testimony about God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact it strengthens it. It proves to me that faith is what will get us to that perfect place. That nothing on this earth will support a perfect life except God and every step I take on this earth is imperfect no matter how guided I may think it is. So how in control are we really? Well, we are in control of our choices for sure, but they are never perfect choices and once I grasped that, the Gospel and Atonement of Jesus Christ was opened even wider to my small mind.

This may only be epiphanal to me. And that's okay, no one's perfect. However, I do hope this gets you thinking that every step in life is more a learning experience than a line of mistakes. Forgive yourself and move one, become stronger, walk with love, and remember NOTHING is perfect so smile. We're all a bunch of screw ups.

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