Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hurt. . .

Tonight is a repeat of last week. I place expectations that the evening will be filled with positive events. And once again I am hurt by people who have no clue the depth their daggers go. I have never in my life stated that I was a good speller, nor have I stated that my vocabulary was even close to being average. In fact those two factors have brought much pain and ridicule for most of my life. So why is it that I "allow" others to place their intelligence above mine? These particular individuals who so quickly damaged my self esteem tonight do in fact believe that they know more than others. And continually correct/point out others' imperfections and replace them with a much shinier, well versed version of their own.

Now I don't have much of anything against these individuals. They are truly quality people. And seemingly are my friends. Plus the particular circle of friends where they find home is a humorous gaggle. Therefore the roasting of one another is implied. So I ask this, Is standing your ground, and stating how much it hurts to be ridiculed based on things you have never voiced having, petty?

Normally I would turn the other cheek and laugh. Trying my best to hold back tears while they've unknowingly skated far away from the offense. Then go back the next time, practically setting myself up for the fall by playing the "nothing's wrong" part. This may seem to be rambling because it's late and my emotions are heated, but I am looking for suggestions. Do I continue to turn the other cheek? Or do I say what sound much like a temper tantrum in my mind?


  1. i would say "thanks for the observation, i already knew that." probably in a mean tone depending on my mood. sorry that you had to be the butt of someone else's high :( and then you could kick them in the gonads. *hugs*