Monday, August 9, 2010

Livin' in Blue Jeans Babe. . .

Saturday Morning
7:00 am : The alarm wakes me with another Katy Perry song. A good enough song to sing to, but annoying enough for me to get out of bed and shut it off.

7:30 am: Kids are all dressed and in the car. And we're off to the sitters. My breakfast was mini wheats and fruit. My stomach too nervous to eat much of anything else.

8:00 am: I arrive at Sugar House Park and guided by a negative number of signs, I finally find where I belong. I get out of my car and find my sister in line for registration. IHC Heart Institute 5k/1 mile run. I was attempting to do the 5k.

8:25 am: We are at the starting line chatting it up.

8:30 am: My sister and I start running. And that was the last I saw of her. Her legs are about twice as fast as mine. But I can safely say, mine are twice as big.

8:35 am: Offspring is pounding in my ear I hit the first hill. Ugh!

9:21 am: I cross the finish line! My time for a 3.32 mile run was 51:50. And I'm very proud of that big number.

Monday Morning
7:30 am: Ignore both alarms.

7:45 am: Continue to ignore both alarms.

8:00 am: Drag my pathetic behind out of bed and get my girls ready for school.

8:30 am: Drop the girls off at school and start the laundry. Now my room is a mess about 95% of the time. It's the size of a walk in closet at my sister's home. However since I moved back in with my parents, all of my normal household things that would normally go in other rooms, go into my little roomcloset under the stairs. And in my laundry gathering I cam across a discarded pair of jeans I have had for about a year but could never wear because of my thunder thighs. The last time I tried them on (about a month and a half ago) I couldn't even get them up my thighs.

10:30 am: I get the nerve to try them on. And to my delightful surprise, I can get them up my thighs. . . and then over my fanny. . . and then even zip them closed. . . and the belt gets fastened. They are a perfect fit!! They fit as if God made them himself just for me!

11:10 am: I find myself not wanting to take them off. And consequently blogging about them.

Now, for those who really know me, they will testify that I am far from patient. In fact I am down right hasty. So when I had a friend advice me on how to eat and exercise, I didn't like the idea. I wanted a miracle shot to slim me down. ( I still want a boob lift and cankle surgery but that's a discussion for another time. ) I actually wanted to stay the same and have men love me for the way I was. But we all know men are visual, and I was a feast worth passing by. So I suffered for a month on my diet until it became habit. Then I suffered for months with my exercise until now it's a desire I have become addicted to. And now because of my trial of patience I have found a newer me. One in a smaller pair of blue jeans.

I will be the first to complain about how much life sucks. And I will be the first to whine when things aren't done fast enough. My Lord knows this about me. I think he even chuckles to himself every time I have one of my melodramatic melt downs. So when moments like my blue jeans come around I have to stop and remind myself that everything is a life long journey. And even my weight is a blessing given to me. It is something I am blessed to overcome. And today I overcame 1 SOLID pant size.

Now to go and buy some new jeans I can't fit into to do the process all over again.


  1. CORRECTION: I went to buy my new goal jeans and came out buying a pair of size 14 Jeans I can wear now!! That makes it 3 sizes I overcame!!! YEAH!

  2. Awesome!!!!! I'm so happy for you Heidi!!! You're doing so well ~ I'm totally jealous! I need to work out with you :)