Monday, August 30, 2010

Lady in Red. . . .

I don't usually voice goals because I tend to jinx myself into failure when I do. Especially when it comes to weight loss. But I'm voicing this one because I need everyone's help.

I started a diet and exercise program of my own back in May. In the 4 months, I've lost almost a complete 30 pounds. For me, being a girl who has literally tried everything she can afford both financially and physically, this is a huge deal. The last time I lost this much weight at once, I was pregnant with my youngest daughter and only able to eat for about 1 min at 3:30 in the afternoon. (Don't ask me why 3:30 pm was the time, but it was. I'd down a yogurt in one gulp and that's all I could stomach. Any more than that and it wasn't going to stay down.) So I began running and eating a protein and vegetable rich diet filled with only water to drink and practically little to no carbs. And after a small adjustment, my body took off and began to transform like crazy. Now nothing fits -in a good way. However, I've hit a plateau. And it's mainly because I've let myself become lax on my routine.

This brings me to my goal: On Saturday Oct. 23rd I'm performing in and attending a gala for the theatre I volunteer/work at. It's somewhat a formal event and I'd love to wear something that would make a date proud to be with me. Not to mention to get a few heads to turn my way. In a nutshell, I WANNA BE A KNOCKOUT! So I've set a realistic goal for myself. I'm going to lose 20 more pounds by then and get below the the big, Pass GO Collect 200lbs mark, wear a dress that I've never been able to pull off before, adorn some red lips, and arrive with a date who can't take his eyes off of me. (Not too ambitious am I?) Now this is where you come in. . . . I can get discouraged quickly and the man downstairs knows this, so I'm asking you to get on my case before he does. I'm sending out a request for you to ask me how my diet's doing and what was my last time on my running. And tell me, "For heaven's sake, put down the milk shake!" I basically need you to pull for me.

Last year at this time, I was at the lowest point I have ever reached in my existence. Since then, I have climbed mountains I never dreamed of seeing the bottom of. And I owe it all to my Heavenly Father. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has made this transformation possible. So possible in fact that I cannot fathom the person I used to be and she haunts my dreams. I only want to go forward. I do not want to turn back and become consumed with my past. I have overcome many heart wrenching events over the past few years. And because of that fire, I have become refined. I am happier now than I have ever been in my entire life. And as vain or selfish as this may sound, I want more. I want a noble husband who can take me to the House of the Lord and hold my hands for eternity. And I feel that my body is not attracting him as quickly as I'd like. Because let's face it, Men are Visual, and I'm not much to look at right now. But in two months, I will be a vision in red. And I pray that he will finally find me and see me for all of my beauty.

I thank those of you who act upon my plea, in advance for your support. You have no idea what it will do for me. THANK YOU!


  1. Love ya Heidi!!! You can do it :D

  2. you are going to look so freakin hot!! i am excited to see your transformation!!