Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mean. . . .

Does it surprise any of you that people lie? Does it surprise any of you that people steal or are underhanded? Does it surprise any of you that there are so many attributes that people have that are flat out negative? It doesn't surprise me at all. Not one bit.

I'm LDS. I consider myself one who tries to be as Christ-like as I can be. (I fail miserably all the time so don't think I'm standing on a soap box right now.) But my husband and I were discussing parts of our religion and ended up focusing on a point that has been the answer to a lot of the above mentioned questions for me. (Forgive me if I'm delving into deep philosophy here.) When our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ were creating our world, earth, our planet and existence was created a bit more specific than any other worlds God had created. I say that because Christ died for us, but not only us, He died for everyone including all the other worlds God created and all the other children he loves and governs over. So why is ours so specific? Well it's because out of all the untold number of worlds our Heavenly Father created, He created ours in to be "evil" enough to crucify his son. No other world could do that. Our world was the only world he created that would crucify their King. And it had to happen. Christ needed to pay the price for all of our sins so that we may one day return to our Heavenly Father, that we may one day escape our mistakes, that we may learn and grow and become better people, that we will one day be able to grasp that magnitude of how much God truly loves us.

I probably opened up a can of worms for such a short blog, and I know I do not have all the answers, but I do know one thing: God loves us! I don't think we give him enough credit for just how vast a statement that is and how absolute of an answer it is. So yes, people lie. People steal and are underhanded. And people will cause you hurt. There will be moments in your life where you cannot believe the audacity of individuals and are left with the scars they cause. But through all of this that we have endured and all that we will undoubtedly endure, please take with you the absolute joy it is to know that God loves us, Christ loves us, there is so much love in this world.

I think just like any parent, God wants to protect us. Wants to keep us from harm, but knows we have to choose things for ourselves therefore leaving this world up to man. So I ask you, What have you chosen today?


  1. So true. I've learned the hard way that even those closest to you who you should be able to trust completely can be capable of using you, lying to you, and royally screwing up your life. I try to look at it as my opportunity to learn to truly forgive and to work towards having a more Christ-like love for even those who hurt us.