Friday, November 26, 2010

*DING* Fries are Done. . . .

So I had a friend ask me what I was going to do for Thanksgiving. I told him I was going to eat carbs and sleep. He laughed and said, "No, seriously?" I replied with a bit of a chuckle, but went on to tell him how I was planning on doing just that. And boy did I!

Let's start with breakfast:
6 mini pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
1 Diet Coke
1 Dr. Pepper -We ran out of Diet Coke, so it held me over till the others got cold.

1 Diet Coke

Before Dinner:
My home-made cheeseball with Ritz crackers. (Amount, unknown)
My veggies and home-made dip. (Again, amount, unknown)
1 Diet Coke
Oh, and one nibble of dark turkey meat.

2 pieces of dark turkey meat because the white is the dry meat and who wants to eat that??
1 large scoop of mashed potatoes
1 large scoop of stuffing from the bird, not the other less tasty stuff
All smothered in an unknown amount of gravy
1 of my mom's Parker House rolls
Some of my dad's sweet potatoes
1 large scoop of my sister's fruit salad
1 serving of my aunt's Jell-O thingy
And a nice scoop of buttery corn

A little bit of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and gravy
1 more roll with butter this time
1 Diet Coke (Which got dumped before I finished it!)

1 Thin slice of pumpkin cheesecake
1 Thin slice of Caramel Pecan Supreme from Village Inn
1 Hazelnut cyenne pepper brownie
1 Diet Coke

The Aftermath:
I'm not going to lie, even after all that, I still ate a few olives as I was cleaning up.

Once the kids were in pj's and in front of a movie with my mom, I went off to play Rock Band with a friend. By that time I was closed for business, not even a drink. Until I got home at 11 pm and decided to watch the rest of the movie I started earlier with one last Diet Coke and one more piece of pumpkin cheesecake. By midnight, I was one satisfied camper.

I sure hope all of you got to spend the holiday the way you wanted to and reflected on the things you were thankful for.


  1. It sounds like you did Thanksgiving right! I'm suddenly inspired to make a homemade cheese ball.