Saturday, November 27, 2010

Only Prettier. . . .

I started a conversation with a political junkie today. I spoke to him about my political views and ways of voting in pursuit of his opinion as to what party I could be classified as. He said I most likely was a Libertarian. I've researched that party and feel I am not completely a Libertarian.

So I ask you this: Does anyone ever completely agree with their associated political party? In my family we have right wing and left wing conversations. Plus, government has never been my strong suit and I find Nov. to be one of the most stressful months of the year. With everyone hammering their opinion down your throat and so many people not taking the opportunity to vote, how does one actually get their political view to make a difference? Does it really boil down to just a touch of your finger every two years or so? Or is there so much more to it than that?

I am not one for confrontation. I find comfort in the respect of other's liberties. Though I do feel government plays a strong hand in our nations survival. Where does one find the balance in politics, does one ever? I'd love to hear back from all of you.

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  1. to be honest i have never really read all that my party is into i just chose this party because my parents chose it. granted i do know some about it but i should really be more informed