Thursday, October 14, 2010

What If. . . .

So I've decided that since my last post about being positive, the one I posted, oh, about five hours ago, has come around to bite me in the positive behind. When my kids leave to go with their dad for any amount of time, I try my hardest to fill my days with activities as to not dive into the deep end of the lonely pool. Today I failed at that. I tried to make lunch dates, movie dates, any sort of date, tried to make a to-do list, went shopping, drove around, texted people trying to make conversation, anything that would keep my mind from wondering and landing on the realization of how lonely I really feel. But it seemed that no matter what I did today, I was waved into the grey station of Alone-and-Nothing-to-do-ville. Now, not to drum on the negative, but would you like to hear about my perpetual cherry on top problem? I thought you would. . . .

About two months ago, I was perfectly happy fixating my infatuations upon an unbeknownst gentleman until another gentleman kept giving me signals that would distract me from my happy little course. I ignored them for about a month until I could no longer distract myself from his camouflaged feelings. (Or at least I thought they were feelings.) Without going into too much detail, a couple outside sources confirmed what I was perceiving to be more than just friendly feelings and now, I can't sleep!! So not only do I not have my kids as a distraction until Sunday, I now am feeling extra lonely because of some beau who probably wasn't sending signals my way in the first place. OH I AM SUCH A WOMAN!

Curses be the person who invented the idea that the men need to ask out the women!! Is anyone with me on this one? Or am I alone in this too?

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  1. Sing it sista! And I would have gladly invited you over to be my co-pumpkin cheesecake baker, I could have used someone to jam out to Elvis and the like with me. You best believe there was a rockin' rendition of several tunes belted out accordingly. I don't know which is worse, making up things that aren't there or brushing aside things that are...I can't seem to balance the two extremes.